Friday, December 3, 2010

QECH Gifts From Your Kitchen: Christmas Ornaments

This year, I'm attempting to make more of my gifts than I have before, both to save money and exercise my creative juices.

These little cinnamon ornaments make the perfect gift for Sunday School teachers, school teachers, coaches, music teachers, friends, etc. etc. You get the idea! They're also a great craft to make with the kids and get them involved in the giving spirit of the season.

Recipients will love them because they impart the most delicious cinnamon smell as they hang on the tree, year after year after year.

And the best part is: they cost next to nothing.

They DO take a LOT of cinnamon, considering one batch (resulting in about 6-8 ornaments, depending on the size) requires a full cup of the stuff. This is a good time of year, though, to find it on sale (don't forget to use a coupon! There are coupons out there right now for McCormick, Spice Island and Frontier spice brands.) OR you can buy it in bulk at Costco or another warehouse store. One cup is only about a quarter of the container of cinnamon I had in my cupboard from Costco, and though I bought it quite several months ago and don't remember the exact price I paid, the portion I used was definitely less than a dollar's worth.

 I made my own applesauce from apples that I bought at $0.99/lb, so again, less than $1 for the 3/4 cup of applesauce.

I used ribbon from my stash (which I buy on clearance after Christmas), and white glue from my stash (which I buy during back-to-school sales). My guess is that the most you'd end up paying for each of these ornaments is about $1: the perfect frugal gift!

Want to know how to make these little gems? Head on over to my guest post at Saving Naturally. Stephanie at Saving Naturally will be featuring a variety of make-your-own gifts as the season progresses, so continue to check her blog for more ideas.

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